- Bruce Babbitt, former U.S. Interior Secretary
"Trump is proclaiming that...our entire public land heritage may soon be up for sale. I hope this excellent book will awaken all Americans to an unprecedented threat."

- James L. Powell, author of Dead Pool
“...outstanding book...with irony, humor, and just enough hope to inspire readers to continue the fight..."
"...a nuanced, comprehensive, surprisingly up-to-date review of the threats facing publicly owned lands... direct, captivating stories..."
- Nature, The International Journal of Science
" ... a timely unveiling of the systematic theft of our nation’s most treasured landscapes."

- Roger Clark, Grand Canyon Trust


Sacred campground on public land — now set to become a thousand-foot pit

The Oak Flat Campground is on U.S. Forest Service land near Superior, Arizona — about an hour from Phoenix. It was set aside a half-century ago, during the Eisenhower Administration, and then handed to two foreign mining corporations by their […]

Supreme Court leaves temporary Grand Canyon uranium mining ban alone…

…but some uranium mines in the area are “grandfathered in,” and they’re leaky.

New Bipartisan AZ poll: more protection for Grand Canyon from uranium mining

According to Arizona voters of both parties, WE NEED MORE PROTECTION FROM MINING FOR GRAND CANYON… Results of a recently released poll show that Arizona voters strongly support protecting the Grand Canyon from uranium mining. The statewide survey found: • […]

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Grand Canyon For Sale — Public Lands Versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change, published by the University of California Press, investigates the precarious future of America’s national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, monuments, and wildernesses.
A growing political movement, well financed and occasionally violent, is fighting to break up these federal lands and return them to state, local, and private control. That scheme would foreclose the future for many wild species, which are part of our irreplaceable natural heritage. It would also devastate our national parks, forests, and other public lands.
Using on-the-ground reporting as well as scientific research, the book shows how accelerating climate change will dislocate wildlife populations and vegetation across hundreds of thousands of square miles of the national landscape.
Grand Canyon for Sale makes the case that in order to safeguard wildlife and their habitats, it is essential to consolidate protected areas and prioritize natural systems over mining, grazing, drilling, and logging.

About the author

Stephen Nash can be contacted at stephen@grandcanyonforsale.com to arrange a talk with your group, class, university, or professional association.

There are no fees or honoraria for these appearances, only reimbursement for travel expenses and the purchase of a minimum of 25 discounted copies of the book. These can be resold by the sponsoring group at the cover price, as a fund-raiser. All proceeds go to the non-profit University of California Press.

Nash is the author of Grand Canyon for Sale — Public Lands versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change; Millipedes and Moon Tigers: Science and Policy in an Age of Extinction; Blue Ridge 2020: An Owner’s Manual; and Virginia Climate Fever: How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests.

The American Institute of Physics gave Virginia Climate Fever its Science Communication Award for Books. Blue Ridge 2020 received the Southern Environmental Law Center’s Philip D. Reed Award for outstanding journalism on southern environmental issues.

Nash has written on science and the environment for The Washington Post, The New York Times, BioScience, Archaeology, The Scientist, The New Republic, and many other periodicals.

He has taught in the journalism and environmental studies programs at the University of Richmond since 1980. He is currently a Visiting Senior Research Scholar there.

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“Nash has the rare ability to speak to a variety of college campus groups about this sometimes difficult and polarizing topic…and then give a general address to the student body about what is going on with the environment and explain to them in a gentle, non-partisan way why they should care.”

“…appreciated your ability and willingness to customize the presentation to the needs of my class… the new data on species range shifts was really helpful.”

“…particularly informative, stimulating many questions and discussion from those in attendance.”

“…a presentation tailored for our professional audience…Simultaneously scholarly and approachable.”

“…engaging presentation style, rich with visuals and data made accessible to everyday people, conveyed a tremendous amount…”

“The keynote was great, very informative!…An eye-opener for someone who has never concerned themselves about the impact of projected changes to the climate.”

“Steve Nash is the rare writer who understands both science and storytelling. He’s also an extremely amusing guy.”

“The book is powerful in its own right. But seeing Nash present the book’s findings and his views in a public forum, through compelling images and storytelling, has been very effective in educating and mobilizing audiences…”

“He’s engaging, extremely well-informed, and good at connecting with a wide variety of audiences.”

“Interesting and understandable to the average citizen… brought it home… I would encourage everyone to read his book and attend his presentation.”